By developing in-home self-management supports & assistive technologies to…


Physical Activity

Functional Independence

Social Connections

By 2024, it is expected that one in five Canadians will be over the age of 65


Of Seniors Want to Stay at Home

Since 2011, the first year that the baby boom generation began turning 65, the proportion of seniors in Canada has accelerated and is projected to rise rapidly. By 2024, it is expected that one in five Canadians will be aged 65 and older.

According to the results of the 2016 census, over 85% of aging seniors would prefer to “age in place” in their homes and communities, however many homes and communities lack the structural features and support services to make this a safe, realistic option.

The objective of Aging in Place Research Cluster is to support the needs and choice of older women and men to age in place through high quality, inter-disciplinary research for the development of in-home supportive technologies aimed at maintaining active living, functional independence and social/emotional health.

Participate in our research!

We are inviting individuals aged 50+ living in the Central Okanagan to participate in a study to better understand how to enhance foot sensation of older adults with diabetic neuropathy. We are recruiting individuals with and without diabetic neuropathy.

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Cluster members are leaders in their field with expertise in …

Neuromuscular & Sensorimotor Physiology

Fall & Injury Prevention

Mobility, Physical
Activity & Exercise

Health Psychology &

Community & Social

Technology for Health
& Wellbeing

Two of the domains of Age-friendly Communities include transportation and social participation. Getting out for a walk, hike or run is a great way to participate in active transportation and build your social network. #agefriendlyfriday #agefriendlycommunities #healthycommunities

Falls can act as symptoms of disease (including coronavirus!), but they’re far from inevitable.

There are several effective approaches to preventing falls in older people. Make sure you’re familiar with them all:

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NEVER FORGOTTEN - Dec 6th, 1989

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Maryse Laganière
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Anne-Marie Lemay
Barbara Daigneault
Sonia Pelletier
Anne-Marie Edward
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