A Rebalancing Act

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Why do we lose our sense of balance as we age and what can be done to help us maintain our balance? This is one of the major questions driving Dr. Brian Dalton’s research in the Sensorimotor Physiology and Integrative Neuromechanics (SPIN) Lab at UBCO.

Falls are a major concern for older adults today and fall prevention is one of the key objectives of both Dalton and Komisar’s research. Dalton’s work seeks to better understand the physiological mechanisms behind the balance loss that leads to falls, while Komisar’s work seeks to understand the situations in which falls and fall-related injuries occur and how to prevent them using technology, such as handrails.

Read the full profile on the collaborative research between Dalton and Komisar published by UBCO news this spring.



The Importance of Balance

The Importance of Balance

Cluster faculty member Brian Dalton was recently featured on Global News BC The Morning Show to discuss his research on balance and aging.

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