Keeping Seniors Safer from Falls

Seniors Falls Research

At UBC Dr. Komisar is continuing her research on fall prevention and how older adults can safely get up after a fall.

Cluster member Dr. Vicki Komisar, who joined the Faculty of Engineering at UBC Okanagan this year, studies fall prevention in older adults. Her recent work, highlighted in this article from The Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research, has focused on understanding how falls differ between younger and older adults and why head injuries are more common when older adults fall. Dr. Komisar’s research has revealed that past the age of 75 or 80, people are less capable of stopping falls with their arms leading to higher chance of head injury. Fortunately, use of assistive devices such as walkers allowed people to fall more safely.

Read Full Article:  Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research


The Importance of Balance

The Importance of Balance

Cluster faculty member Brian Dalton was recently featured on Global News BC The Morning Show to discuss his research on balance and aging.

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