Seniors Encouraged to Pick Up Weights

Seniors and Weights research

UBC Okanagan research shows strength training is effective

Physical exercise may not be top of mind for older adults during the COVID-19 outbreak. But according to one UBC Okanagan researcher, strength training can be an effective way to stay healthy while at home.

A recent study from UBCO professor Jenn Jakobi shows that strength training with free-weights that progresses in intensity is effective in combating declining health often observed with adult aging.

­­“Inactivity and social isolation are key contributors to age-related frailty,” says Jakobi. “While social isolation is a complex challenge these days, there is absolutely some work we can do on enhancing exercise at home.”

She adds that physical movement and exercise, inclusive of weight training, can be readily adapted for the home but advises that anyone looking to start a new exercise program should consult with their physician first.

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The Importance of Balance

The Importance of Balance

Cluster faculty member Brian Dalton was recently featured on Global News BC The Morning Show to discuss his research on balance and aging.

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